Multi-Channel Press Release Distribution

Democratic Marketing supplies the best and most comprehensive array of media accessibility sites for political consulting and political advertising success. This means a candidate has the ability to reach the widest audience through both traditional political marketing and social media outlets. Reaching the appropriate audience at the proper time allows for smooth movement of information. In political marketing it is also important to regulate the dissemination of material to guarantee accuracy and consistency. Democratic Marketing, as the prominent liberal political marketing firm, takes the worry and difficulty out of press release administration, saving the campaign time and money.

Take advantage of our specialists at Democratic Marketing to take full advantage of those hard to track down, but dedicated liberal political advertising dollars with multi-channel press release distribution.

Democratic Marketing makes use of the full capacity of traditional media outlets, such as television and radio. Reaching the widest conceivable audience, however, doesn’t wrap up there. Social media outlets are also important for blue party political advertising. That is why digital agents like Facebook and Twitter are a fundamental connection point for enabling voters and supporters to keep updated on campaign projects. Both traditional and digital press releases are search engine optimized (SEO) with a DNC marketing strategy to link the candidate’s name with his or her particular district.

The keyword optimization experts at Democratic Marketing also make certain that Democratic political advertising messages are relayed for maximum search engine effectiveness. This means online search engines, for example Google and Bing, will feature outcomes mentioning the candidate’s name at the top of results. People will have the ability to promptly find, recognize and associate with the candidate’s name and position on essential topics of concern.

Moderating the release of political advertising details to guarantee accuracy and consistency, means the candidate’s message remains genuine, consistent and effective. Democratic Marketing recognizes the vital need to avoid misconception and inconsistency. Press releases will consistently be checked by a team of specialists prior to being sent out to a public audience. We keep your views transparent and consistent, creating the most advantageous public image.

Democratic Marketing offers the industry setting standards for political marketing success. Get the most benefit for the most affordable rate. Let us help you make the winning difference. Call Democratic Marketing today at 800-817-8806.