Whatever happened to Market Liberalism in American politics?

Posted on April 26th, 2010 by admin1 in democratic marketing strategy

Prior to the southern strategy in the 60s (which was the strategy to attract Southern voters during the 60s by advocating southern values), the Republican Party used to be the party of Market Liberalism. Social liberal values and free-market capitalism (not Libertarianism. Libertarianism is a more radical form of market liberalism which believes that everything should be privatized).

Today however, the Republican party is not Market Liberal, it’s Social Conservative (Christian Democrats), and the Democratic party is Social Liberal (Although before FDR, the party used to be Paleoconservative).

What’s with American politics? It’s very bizarre, in that almost all any of you care about are social issues, but even then you rarely deviate from the current and are always lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to civil liberties (The Democracy Index 2008 ranks the US the lowest out of all the true democracies in civil liberties). Then they use things like the economy as secondary issues, and use it as a proxy for social issues. It’s even more bizarre because both parties share the same economic policies, only the Republicans just decided that the Bush era never happened, and that they’re going to be fiscal all of the sudden just by denying any reform.

Nearly every nation except the US has a mainstream Market Liberal party.

I feel really bad for Americans. All your politicians are corrupt and quite a few of them are genuinely insane (e.g. Michele Bachmann).

Perhaps what America needs is to burn down Capitol Hill? It’s what the French and Greeks do whenever their government is screwing them over.

Any political party is defined by its leaders, and they all change over time.

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    Any political party is defined by its leaders, and they all change over time.References :

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