Was Obama Campaign Aid/VP vetting Team Member, Jim Johnson A Part Of Barack Obama’s “Change” Strategy?

Posted on April 26th, 2010 by admin1 in democratic marketing strategy

“I mean, first of all, I am not vetting my VP search committee for their mortgages. Umm, I would have to hire a vetter to vet the vetters," ~ Barack Obama

What does Obama mean, that he’s really not going to worry about what type of person he picks to help choose a vice president? Shouldn’t Barack have good enough judgment & responsibilities to vet his own vetters? So he can make sure they are not the very lobbyist or crooks he was railing against in the democratic nomination, and “Claims” he has not & will not have any associations with.

And now his guy Jim Johnson has to drop out 24 hours later from suspicious multi million dollar loans, from none other then Countrywide a company under investigation for sour mortgage deals, and corruption, after they squandered billions, and needed a bail out. All the while Americans lost their homes over progressive mortgages and painful combatant rising prices on fuel and commodities, and the markets plunged from the sour mortgage attribution.
I thought this was the stuff Obama claimed to not be a part of?

Does anyone else wonder if Jim Johnson might be in danger of going up to be inedited and convicted for money laundering, and some of the other charges like Obama’s other buddy old pale Rezko was?

Jim sure did drop out pretty quick after things started to hit the fan for him. I guess that is a pretty quick “Change…” of plans…

There is even talk going around that Eric Holder may also be forced to step down as well from Obama‘s Vice president Vetting team, leaving only Caroline Kennedy to help pick Obama‘s vice president.

(main question) Don’t you think this shows Mr. Obama with a little naivety, poor judgment, while taking a hypocritical stance?

What do you think this further shows about Mr. Obama?





Madman:… I’m not even going to click your link, CNN has been watering everything down for Obama majorly for months now, I‘m not stupid or blind to the MSM either.

Even if Jim was a volunteer… Barack still appointed him…

I didn’t bring up Rev. Wright… but you have… Now thanks for reminding the voters of the lunatic.

do we care, Johnson stepped down.

End of story.

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  1. Clarence S

    do we care, Johnson stepped down.

    End of story.References :

  2. bitter sweetine v1.03

    That you’ve got to be clean to work for him?References :

  3. MADMAN!

    Why do you think he was there? Why does McShame have many lobbyists on his campaign team? Why did Hillary’s camp employ so many corrupt officials?

    Why why why?

    As far as Obama, Johnson was let go and he WAS ONLY A VOLUNTEER anyway. Obama didn’t know who he was:

    Make sure you make sense before you post. You’re going off with your rant and tyrade over nothing at all because you choose not to educate yourself. Is this the best you got or you got more dummy Rev. Wright bullcrap??!!

    Grow up and get over it, smarty.

    And now…. Obama 2009!References :

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